July 30, 2009

Where should I get with these instructions?

Tricia Hedge states in Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom that "a Communicative Class involves learnes in face-to-face encounters in the classroom with a teacher in a wider range of roles beyond that of providing and presenting new language".
What happen if under unexpected circumstances the face-to-face class needs to be carried out from home? This winter break was unusual, since due to the Pandemia lots of homework needed to be assigned. Learning would have to take place on autonomous basis more than ever had and teacher's role would include setting up activities and organizing resources for a month!
If I were to isolate what I've learnt from this observation, I will go for the idea of keeping a Communicative Classroom at all times!!! Would you like to share with me some of the instructions this teacher needed to give to her students for this unusual winter break?

Observation 3 - 3rd year - Colegio C. - Methods2 - 2009


  1. A certainly unusual lesson! ;-)

    So.... what did you learn from this lesson, Yoha? How satisfied do you feel about your instruction-giving skill? What have you learned from sitting in on this lesson, and what could you share with the teacher observed so that she can learn too?

    Looking forward to hearing more from you!
    PS: raising your voice when students are being noisy is usually counterproductive, as they are likely to automatically do the same (i.e. raise their voices so that THEY can keep their conversations going :-P!), and your vocal cords are certain to suffer in the long run.

  2. Instruction-giving skills... to me, the most difficult ones!!!

    I'm sure the most important thing I need to learn from this teacher is to keep my voice low and not to shout. This is something I’ve been working since I started teaching and I still need to work on… It’s difficult since the strong use of my voice has characterized me in life since I was a student as well.

    What can I say to this teacher? She is really skillful in class management and instruction-giving. However, my humble advice would be to work on time management when unexpected things crop up in class. ;)
    Hope my ideas are clear now :)

  3. I'll do my best so that "this teacher" does not forget the lessons you've so kindly tried and shared with her, promise!