October 11, 2009

Why don't we have a look at Grammar in action???

"Grammar is an important element of my teaching, however, it cannot be considered predominant over other language systems in my teaching. I strongly believe in balancing all aspects of language in order to achieve my ultimate goal of teaching English for COMMUNICATION. As I always say to my students “you may get to put your message across even with grammar mistakes, but isn’t it rewarding if besides conveying meaning you do it properly?”"

Observation 5 - 1st year - Colegio P - Methods2 - 2009

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  1. Hi Yohi!

    Was just wondering if the examples isolated by the T had previously been somehow contextualised, or perhaps were selected from larger (written or spoken texts), or whether the T just made them up on the spot, so to speak. Perhaps this is something you wouldn't been able to determine, not having sat on the previous lesson... Did the examples suggest some common lexical area, or a topic that might have been being discussed?

    Whatever the case, your report does not suggest the students had any difficulties in learning the grammar presented in this lesson. This should clearly be our main concern when determining the effectiveness of certain teaching, right?

    That's all for today!